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Mumtaz Awan - Principal

I am the Principal Solicitor and co- founder of Awan Solicitors. I have a Law Degree with Honours and I qualified as a solicitor in 1993. The Firm, Awan Solicitors was established by myself in 1997 and has successfully operated ever since. I have over 30 years experience in Family, Litigation, Welfare and Criminal & Civil Law.

Over many years I have acted for and advised hundreds of clients on divorce and separation. I have comprehensive experience in end of marriage, co-habitation and civil partnership. I also have a very extensive experience in advising clients in child related issues. Additionally, I have a very wide ranging experience assisting clients with financial provision issues following divorce and separation of unmarried couples including Financial Orders and Tolata.

I have experience in dealing with a broad range of commercial and consumer disputes such as: breach of contract claims, debt recovery, housing disputes, professional negligence and inheritance disputes. I served as a Magistrate in the Family and Criminal Courts for 13 years where I adjudicated on a wide variety of private and public law children cases, as well as all types of criminal cases. This gives me a unique expertise in being an Advocate and a Judge as result of which I am able to pass the benefit of my experience to my clients.

Prior to qualifying as a solicitor I worked for the Commission for Racial Equality implementing the Race Relations Act and Codes of Practice. My experience in dealing with human rights issues started with the CRE and continues today. My commitment to clients remains the same as it was when I first started out in this profession.  Please see the example cases below, where I succeeded without my clients having to pay additionally for a Barrister (Counsel).

My recent cases of significance where I represented the clients myself without  a barrister while opposing award winning barristers of note who also act as judges and succeeding against overwhelming odds on my client`s behalf:

Case One

I was instructed in a Child Arrangement Order case for contact. Not only was I successful in defending the client against unfounded allegations of domestic abuse but succeeded against the odds and obtained an order for costs against his opponent. It is rare and unusual for a court to award a client’s costs in family cases involving children unless you can show that the conduct of the other party was unreasonable or reprehensible in the way they conducted the proceedings.  In this case I was able to prove that they made false allegations which were shown at trial to be a total fabrication. At the trial, the court refused to make an award for costs. I made an application to the court for the matter to be listed for a costs hearing and after a day’s hearing, I successfully obtained an award for costs incurred by my client throughout the entire proceedings.

Case Two

A recent divorce, financial order and child arrangements order case had some heart breaking elements to it, including removal of a child from the UK. I successfully challenged an agreed consent order for financial settlement made at the Financial Dispute Resolution [FDR] hearing on the basis of change of circumstances and the effect of Covid-19 on the parties finances. The leading cases of Xydhias v Xydhias [1998] EWCA Civ 1966 and Rothwell v Rothwell [2008] EWCA Civ 1600 effectively bar any changes to such agreements because the agreement was by consent where the parties were legally represented. I was successful in changing the terms of the agreement which gave the wife £480,000 and husband £170,000 to giving the wife £390,000 and husband £260,000.

Case Three

On behalf of my client I defended an application made by his wife for maintenance arrears of £40,000. £80,000 from the husband`s share of the net proceeds from the sale of marital home was held back to offset the wife`s arrears and her solicitors` costs. At the final hearing I succeed in preserving the £80,000 for the husband and obtained a costs order for £6500 against the wife for litigation costs for her conduct during the proceedings. The Judge in his judgement stated he was not going to make an award for costs but I argued against that and the Judge subsequently awarded litigation costs. I did not give up even though the Judge had indicated he would not be making any costs orders. Just to put matters into context, at the last hearing alone the wife`s barrister`s fees for the day were £7200 with the solicitor charging £480 per hour attending the hearing whereas I charged £2500 and succeeded. I represented the client at all stages without a barrister and my opponents were a prominent city firm instructing award winning barristers.

Case Four

After 8 years and 21 hearings, I hoped that we achieved a conclusion to the mother preventing contact and making applications to vary the court orders. The case started when the child was born and the parties separated. The child's mother did everything she could to alienate and stop the child from seeing his father. Sadly, Children Services refused to assist and left it to the court to decide. At a recent hearing the court made an order that neither party can make an application to the court without leave of the court. It does not bar the father from making an application to enforce the court order in case of a breach but does stop mother from making applications to vary the court order. In this case mother was represented by a barrister and the child by a recorder (judge).

My work is supervised by Jacqueline Awan.

Jacqueline Awan - Senior Associate

I am a Senior Associate Solicitor and co –founder of Awan Solicitors. I have a Law Degree with Honours and I qualified as a solicitor in 1993. I am a very experienced Litigator with over 20 years experience in Litigation Law. I initially specialised in all aspects of Personal Injury Litigation Law which included road traffic accidents, accidents at work and trips and slips. I additionally worked on a wide variety of Construction Litigation cases.

I have continued advising clients on all aspects of Litigation, additionally developing Housing Law Litigation. I also developed a caseload of Human Rights and Immigration cases as well as Criminal Injuries compensation.

Currently I advise clients in all aspects of General Litigation including Housing Litigation.

I was recently instructed by a charity in a Breach of Contract Case. The case involved unfair contract terms in regards to cancellation of a rolling contract. The terms were misleading in relation to the notice period required to terminate the agreement.  I successfully argued that the terms of the contract were unfair and misleading as I had noticed that there were 3 different versions of termination in the documents provided.

I am supervised by Mumtaz Awan.


Childrens Solicitor & Child Custody Lawyer

We can assist you with reaching an agreement regarding which parent your children will live with and visiting rights for the non-custodial parent in a non-confrontational manner, using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. If we cannot resolve the issues through negotiations then our highly experienced lawyers will attend court with you and fight for your case. 

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Afsheen Khurram

My first experience with family solicitors was very painful but Mr Awan has been a blessing for me. Out of my disappointment from mediation and my previous experience, I contacted Mr Awan. His professional advice, guidance and his valuable services provide me with the best I can get. I’m very pleased with their services and thanked them for everything they have done for me.

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