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Benefit overpayment Solicitors Croydon

We can assist and advise you with claims for overpayments and allegations of benefit fraud including Housing Benefits, Council Tax and Department of Works and Pensions Benefits.

How often do we deal with clients who have been asked to attend an interview under caution but were given the impression it was a meeting to clarify discrepancies with benefit payments or miscalculation of benefits?

In fact an interview under caution is the same as being interviewed in a police station under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act [PACE] and can lead to criminal sanctions including imprisonment.

What happens after the interview depends on what the interviewing officer decides. They may do nothing more because they decide that no fraud is committed, give a civil penalty [where there is a mistake but it was not deliberate] or prosecute and take a claimant to the Magistrates` Court or Crown Court depending on the value of the claim or overpayment.

The Local Authority [Council] may decide not to prosecute and offer a formal caution or an Administrative Penalty [ overpayment amount+ 40%] but the DWP cannot offer this option.

In our experience those people who take legal advice before the interview have a better chance of resolving the issues without criminal sanctions which could have far reaching and long term consequences.

Always get advice before you respond to the invitation for an interview under caution.

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