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Family law divorce and financial matters Croydon

Divorce Solicitors Croydon

Divorce now affects one in two marriages and can be a sad fact of life. We recognise that no one takes the decision to divorce or separate lightly. However, once you have made that decision, you will want your matters dealt with quickly and with sensitivity, especially when there are children involved.

Since April 2022 NO FAULT DIVORCE has come into force in the UK. This means the grounds are “ …that your marriage has broken down irretrievably..” and there no longer acrimonious allegations or waiting for years. The procedure is also much simpler and we can assist with a smooth and effective outcome. 

Whether you are dealing with divorce, dissolving a civil partnership, legal separation, arrangements for children, prenuptial, postnuptial or cohabitation agreements, domestic violence and emergency injunctions, you can rely on our supportive, practical advice. We at Awan Solicitors can assist clients from London, UK and internationally with the following list of legal services:

We provide advice and representation for all Financial Settlement Matters.

Financial Orders, Settlements and Disputes

At Awan Solicitors, we have years of experience in dealing with this area of law and we will give you clear advice and represent your interests through initial negotiations to final hearing. Our advice and negotiating skills will ensure that you retain a fair share of those assets jointly acquired during your relationship including:

√ Marital home [What happens to the family home] √ Savings and investments [joint or single] √ Maintenance [spousal and children]
√ Investment properties [How these are shared out on divorce]  √ Pensions sharing √ Business assets
√ Property disputes [who owns what and dispute over pre marriage assets]  √ Life policies [who is the beneficiary] √ Other assets
  • High Net Worth Divorce
  • How family assets are divided upon Divorce
  • Divorce where there are no assets
  • Divorce and financial settlement where parties have already agreed
  • Maintenance whilst proceedings are ongoing
  • All ongoing expenses such as mortgage and bills whilst proceedings are ongoing
  • Financial Consent Orders following agreement and negotiations
  • Freezing Orders where one party is trying to hide assets
  • Maintenance for spouse and Child Support needs to be agreed
  • Pensions sharing where one or other party has private pensions
  • How to settle on property/ies which are jointly or separately owned.
  • International Divorces based on religion and customs
  • Mirror Orders which apply in two countries for the same matter

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COHABITATION and unmarried couple

Cohabitation is when unmarried couples live together. A large percentage of unmarried couples own homes and other assets jointly or individually but in the event of a separation have no idea how to deal with this aspect. We can assist you with the preparation of agreements and advise you on your individual rights as an unmarried couple.

This is complex area of law which comes under Tolata which we specialise in - please see Unmarried Couples and Tolata.

Click here for Cohabitation and further information

Same Sex Marriages

Where any or all the above may apply we at Awan Solicitors can advise and assist with.

We at Awan Solicitors 

We at Awan Solicitors are committed to helping couples resolve family law disputes in a non-confrontational manner.  As with all the best divorce lawyers, one of the primary objectives of our service is to avoid couples ending up in court unless absolutely necessary.  This is achieved by entering into negotiations and mediation from the start by solicitors with an abundance of expertise.

When you come to see us about a child arrangement, divorce or other family law matters, you may be under significant emotional pressure. You will quickly be reassured, in a sensitive and compassionate manner but also by how to focus on reaching long-term, workable solution to your matter. We will also help you manage any conflict with your ex-partner or partner and ensure that the needs of any children are kept at the forefront of any conflict resolution.

If you are required to attend court where this is the only way to resolve your family law dispute, we will robustly represent you in court.  Where we cannot represent you ourselves we will instruct the best family law barrister who can appear in court on your behalf.  We will ensure that you are kept informed throughout the proceedings and any changes in circumstances that can often occur in family law cases.

Financial Dispute on Divorce

We have many years of expertise in negotiating financial settlements in divorce and separation cases.  We manage divorce cases of small to high net worth and can instruct forensic accountants and wealth management advisors when required, to support you when making your settlement claim.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Mediation 

It is now mandatory in English family law system to provide evidence of Mediation before the matter goes to court. The courts encourage couples and families to settle disputes outside of the courtroom.  Any arrangements arrived at by the parties themselves are more likely to last long-term.

We at Awan Solicitors help and advise you on the alternative dispute resolution methods, including assisting with how Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) work.

DOMESTIC ABUSE [Injunctions and Emergency Remedies]

If you are a victim of domestic violence and/or abuse, the safety of you and your children are our first priority.  We can act swiftly to obtain a non-molestation order and/or an occupation order and provide advice on accessing community support so you can protect yourselves from harm.


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Childrens Solicitor & Child Custody Lawyer

We can assist you with reaching an agreement regarding which parent your children will live with and visiting rights for the non-custodial parent in a non-confrontational manner, using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. If we cannot resolve the issues through negotiations then our highly experienced lawyers will attend court with you and fight for your case. 

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Afsheen Khurram

My first experience with family solicitors was very painful but Mr Awan has been a blessing for me. Out of my disappointment from mediation and my previous experience, I contacted Mr Awan. His professional advice, guidance and his valuable services provide me with the best I can get. I’m very pleased with their services and thanked them for everything they have done for me.

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