Debt Recovery

Small Claims Solicitors Croydon.

If you have a financial dispute with an individual or a business, it can be distressing. AWAN small claims solicitors Croydon are here to help you achieve your goal cost effectively and without distress.

Here are some examples of what we deal with at Awan Solicitors:

• Debt – someone owes you money (whether an individual or a customer of your business)
• Someone has damaged something that belongs to you
• A service was carried out badly – poor workmanship
• Faulty shop purchase – you want the shop to replace faulty goods
• Internet purchase doesn’t match its on-line description/is faulty
• Holiday went badly wrong due to problems with the hotel and facilities or misdescription
• Your car still isn’t running properly despite expensive garage work
• Your landlord owes you your deposit or hasn’t made repairs.

Where the amount in dispute is under £10,000 the legal system refers to these as “small claims”. For personal injury compensation claims and landlord repairing covenants the limit is usually under £1,000.

The importance of these limits lies with the amount of the costs one can claim for using a solicitor. As an example, if you instruct a solicitor to recover £9,999 you may pay £2,000 to recover your loss but the solicitors’ costs will come out of your money and the opponent will not have to pay your costs. If the amount is £10,001 you would get your £10,001 plus your solicitor’s costs.

At AWAN solicitors, Small Claims Solicitors Croydon, no claim is too big or too small and we treat all cases with the same care and professionalism and will help you to deal with your matter as effectively as possible.

Enforcement of Judgement or getting your money after a Court Judgement

Once you get a Judgement and the opponent does not pay or settle on time you have several options to recover the full amount and additional expenses incurred including; .

High Court Sheriffs – monies and recovery of goods

Bankruptcy – If the debt is over £5,000 you make the debtor bankrupt and get paid from recovered assets.

Charging Order – if they own a property or other assets you can get an order for sale.

Other options are available.

Small Claims Solicitors Croydon
We will be able to give you an overview of your case and an indication of the likely costs involved.

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