Litigation Solicitors Croydon.

As Litigation Solicitors Croydon, we see that whenever a situation has the potential to end in court then you need the advice of someone who understands the nature and complexity of litigation. Wherever possible, every effort is made to resolve disputes without becoming involved in litigation.

Therefore litigation advice at early stages can really save time and expense.

At Awan Solicitors, Litigation Solicitors Croydon, our objective is to use litigation and arbitration only as tools of last resort, seeking instead to conclude matters, or by other forms of dispute resolution or negotiation, to the satisfaction of clients in a practical commercial manner at the earliest opportune time.

Where arbitration or negotiations prove impossible to realise, depending on the case, the most effective action is taken to achieve the best results for the client which includes assessing the outcome of the case, cost estimates, time estimates for the action and the opponent’s ability to litigate.

Our Litigation Services include:

tickDebt Claims - see also Debt and Small Claims tickLandlord & Tenant disputes tickInheritance claims
tickBreach of Contract tickProfessional NegligencetickThe obtaining of civil injunctions
tickBuilding disputes tickProperty disputes

General and commercial litigation
Disputes can happen in business. They can be costly, disruptive, time consuming and a strain on resources. At Awan Solicitors we help clients resolve disputes effectively, quickly and above all commercially with or without going to court.

Inheritance Claims

Contested or Disputed Wills
Rights under the Inheritance Provisions for a dependent.

The death of someone close to you can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

It can be made even more difficult if you find out that:

They have not made a will or they have not included you in the will.
At Awan Solicitors we have dealt with many cases where the deceased had not made a will and made no provisions for someone who was dependant on him or her. This could be a partner or a husband.  For example, where our client married an elderly gentleman and looked after him through his illness. He had been persuaded by “concerned” friends and relative to make a will, secretly, excluding our client and step daughters from receiving any inheritance. We successfully argued for her and she received the matrimonial home and the other monies held by trustees. This was done under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.
The following people are eligible to make a claim under these provisions if they have not been reasonably provided for:

  • The wife, husband or civil partner of the person who died
  • A former wife, husband or civil partner who has not since remarried or formed another civil partnership
  • Someone who lived with the person who died for at least two years before the death
  • A child of the person who died
  • A person treated as a child of the person who died
  • Someone who has been financially supported by the person who died up until the death

Even in cases where there is a will there are circumstances when the families are unhappy about the will and certain members may have been led to believe they would receive something but were left out of the will. Often the person who is the last to look after the deceased may have been left the entire estate and the other members of the family with nothing or very little. It is a very difficult and emotional area of law and we have dealt with cases where the parties have come from different backgrounds, religions and customs. For instance someone of Islamic faith may have different expectations from their parents then a non-Muslim because the inheritance laws are different. The problem arises where the two clash and how to deal with the matter in a way that resolves the issues in amicable and less costly way.

We can advise you on whether there was a will or not. Most cases are resolved without going to Court because we use Mediation [Trained lawyers and Judges sitting as Mediators] which are cheaper and less adversarial. You will be given clear and concise advice on your matter with costs estimates and possible means of funding the claim.

Professional Negligence
Like any legal issue, the first hurdle to overcome is to ascertain whether you have a claim. In some cases this can be simple in other cases very complex.

To succeed in a negligence claim you have to prove that you were owed a duty of reasonable care and skill, that the duty has been breached and that you have suffered loss and damage as a result.

Awan Solicitors, Litigation Solicitors Croydon, have many years experience of advising clients in professional negligence claims. We understand not only the legal issues involved but also the issues that are likely to be of concern for you in deciding whether to pursue a claim. Either way we will give clear impartial advice about whether your complaint amounts to a claim worth pursuing in law and what compensation you may expect to recover.

Civil Actions
Civil actions against the police and other government bodies. Advice and representation includes:

tickWrongful arresttickAssault and Trespass
tickFalse imprisonmenttickMalfeasance in Public Office

If an individual has been accused of a criminal offence, charged or kept in custody, prosecuted and then no evidence was offered or found not guilty due to the police or prosecutors` fault or unlawful action such as lying and fabricating evidence, failing to follow procedures or rules and who continued to prosecute the case when they knew or ought to have known that there was no case against the individual. There may be a claim for civil action.

Litigation Solicitors Croydon
We will be able to give you an overview of your case and an indication of the likely costs involved.

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